Biographical Sketch of Rev. Frank Lane

Rev. Frank F. Lane
, a native of Columbus, Ohio, brings over 25 years of experience in the Gospel Music field.  Frank began his gospel music career at the age of 5, directing choirs in church.  Since then, he has appeared on radio and television, performed in musical theater and opera productions, and has performed throughout the United States and Europe as a member of various local and national musical organizations.  He has also been featured as a soloist on several recordings and has served as director, assistant director, or guest director for over 30 local or national mass choirs. 
Frank was educated through the Columbus Public School System and graduated from South High School.  From there, he went on to study Business Administration at Franklin University.  In addition, he completed studies in Micro Computer Programming from Columbus Para-Professional Institute.  He attended the Methodist Theological Seminary in Delaware, Ohio, where he earned a Masters of Arts in Counseling Ministries.  Rev, Lane performed his residency as a Chaplain at Columbus Nationwide Children’s Hospital.  Rev. Lane was licensed in 1998 and ordained in 2007 by Faith Ministries Church in Columbus, Ohio, where he presently serves as the Minister of Members Services under Pastor C. Dexter Wise, III. 
Frank Lane serves as the Vice President of Raise Productions and Business Administrator for The Center For The Gospel Arts.  As the Center's Business Administrator he can utilize his academic training as well as his gospel music training and experience.  Rev. Lane has written and/or arranged numerous songs over the years for The Center For The Gospel Arts' unique classes and musical theater performances. Rev. Lane's compositions have been performed and recorded by many children and adult choirs and groups throughout the nation.  His songs have also been featured on the following Raise Recordings (A Raise Christmas (RA-04), Gospel Songs for Children’s Voices (RA-05), More Gospel Songs for Children’s Voice (RA-07), and The Raise Kids in Praise (RA-10). A Raise Kids Christmas (RA-12).
Over the years, Rev. Lane has been affiliated with the Gospel Music Workshop of America, a national Gospel Music organization, through which he has also received training in the Gospel Music field.  In addition, he was trained to instruct the Center for the Gospel Art's specialized curriculums in the Gospel Arts.  Over the past twenty years, Frank has instructed hundreds in pre-school and elementary piano, tap dance, and musical theater.  Frank is also a gifted Floral Arranger and designer of gift baskets for special occasions. 
All of those who know Frank Lane, know him most as a very talented and anointed gospel choir director.  However, as the years go by, more and more gifts and callings are unfolding themselves.  So much so that we now know Frank as a teacher, preacher, composer, floral designer, tap dancer, business manager, and much more.  So realize that as he waves his hands to direct the choirs or waves his arms or dances in praise, there is bound to be more talents and gifts springing forth from the hands and heart of Rev. Frank Lane.