About Raise

About Raise Productions

Raise Productions was established in 1985 to promote ongoing professionalism within the field of gospel music. Raise has a five-point focus: gospel music education, performance, production, ministry, and support services. Raise’s purpose is to assist gospel artists in discovering and developing their talents for use in ministry within their local churches and throughout the world. To more effectively achieve this goal, Raise established the Center for the Gospel Arts in 1992. By offering classes in Gospel piano, voice, conducting, drums and percussion, composition, music ministry, praise and worship, church music administration, etc., Raise has helped equip more than 5000 gospel artists.

Raise not only offers its unique gospel arts programming at the Raise Center for the Gospel Arts, but it also shares its programming across the country and abroad through offering workshops, seminars, and performances in gospel music. Raise’s ultimate goal is to establish a performing arts complex devoted to the preservation, perpetuation, and promotion of Gospel music and the Gospel Arts, at which an accredited degree-granting program can be implemented.

Raise’s motto is “Raising Gospel Music Higher.” In all of its endeavors, Raise strives to promote excellence in Gospel music ministry. To expand the ministry and promote gospel music excellence, Raise Productions has established several performing ensembles, all of which exemplify musical and ministry excellence. To further expand its Gospel Arts programming, Raise publishes and produces gospel recordings, sheet music, and teaching materials through its publishing and recording company, Raise Records and Publishing Company.