Family began singing together in 1990 as one of the smaller performing groups of Raise Productions, although they have performed together since 1986 as members of Raise Productions Choir. Family is comprised of two husband and wife couples, the Wise (Raymond and Dawnne) and the Lanes (Frank and Bonnie). While the members of Family are not related by blood, they are the “First Families” of Raise Productions, the company of which Raymond Wise and Frank Lane are President and Vice President. Having been blessed with so many musical compositions, Raymond Wise desired a vehicle through which he could share more of his music. Thus, family sprang forth as a vehicle to share some of his compositions written for a smaller group. Family is also a national recording group that has released a CD project entitled “Familiar Songs and Saying” on Sound of Gospel records. Family has also appeared on radio and television, traveled extensively throughout the United States.